Wine Crate Craftworks

Clarksville, MD

Color: "Ipswich Pine"


The idea for "Wine Crate Craftworks" was born while visiting a niece who had acquired a wooden, wine crate with a hot-branded logo from a thrift shop, and mounted it to the wall to be used as a shelf. Having done woodworking for many years, and being impressed with the look and uniqueness of her decorating idea, I did some investigating and found only a few cheaply built, unbranded crates consisting of thin, 1/4" thick wood with uneven edges and joints in a few, local stores. With nearly all wines now being shipped in cardboard boxes, it was difficult to find quality, hot-branded logo, wooden crates.

Given this scarcity and uniqueness, I saw an opportunity for a niche market and spent the next year building, refining, and ultimately creating this product line of quality, hot-branded-logo, wine crates, bottle holders, and a Lazy Susan. All of which make great home décor accents, and gifts.

Each "Wine Crate Craftworks" product is personally, handcrafted by the owner with pride. With the exception of the 3/8" thick, pine slats on the slatted crates, all of the products are made with hand-selected, 3/4" thick, pine lumber.

Strong and decorative, "Half-Blind Dovetail Joints" (see the photo above) are used to connect the sides and ends of all products, except the slatted crates, which utilize "Butt Joints" due to their design. 

Finally, all of the products are sanded, stained with Minwax "Ipswich Pine" stain (the color of the stain is best depicted in the photos of the products), and then protected with three coats of a semi-gloss, polyurethane, protective finish.

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Half-Blind Dovetail Joints